My Classic Iron .com - Privacy Policy

My Classic Iron values your privacy and we adhere to strict policy with respect to your privacy, on-line and off. We may facilitate the use of cookies and session variables to track visitors. In no way is any information, including your E-mail addresses, collected to be distributed in any way.

Visitors and members purchasing our products are tracked via session variables and username / password combinations to verify they purchased the product they are attempting to use an on-line feature of. No information supplied to this site by a buyer will be used for any reason other than to complete a transaction or address a customer service concern.

My Classic Iron may add banner advertisements from third parties if they are offering a service valuable to our clientele. Often such ad campaigns use cookies to track a banners effectiveness in getting a click-through. It is your option to refuse the cookie. Use the options, security or preferences settings in your browser to manage your cookies.

When using our on-line services, or administration areas, the Server may respond with conformational and or informative messages that are set up to automate the user interface.

Visitors who have sent us an e-mail, with a comment or requesting additional product information may receive a one-time e-mail in response.

E-mail addresses of individuals using our site are protected through the use of forms and scripts to never disclose your contact e-mail address to anyone sending you a message from our site. My Classic Iron cannot protect your address if you disclose it purposefully in an advertisement posting or tell it to someone over the phone.

Sellers on our site will be e-mailed by our site any correspondences from potential buyers who choose to not contact them by phone. To avoid issues with spam filters, add the domain to your trusted senders list to ensure mail gets delivered as expected.